Just a quick post – John Anealio asked me to take part in a fantastic idea called ‘Interstellar Jukebox’ wherein he asks a bunch of great writers, bloggers, musicians, and podcasters to search through their music and weigh in on some Sci-Fi related music topic.

I was thrilled and honored to be asked to join in on the first question, “What is your favorite ‘space’ song?’.

The post has gone live today so I wanted to share and point you over to it on SciFi Songs.  Here’s an excerpt of my part on ‘Hillbillies from Outerspace’ by the Vaughan brothers:

“When you think of Stevie Ray Vaughan, an image probably comes to mind of a guy wearing a wide brimmed, black hat decorated with wide, silver discs. He’s wearing a long white shirt with a dark vest and steel toed cowboy boots that are probably…”

If you want to read the rest, visit John’s site, SciFi Songs.