Okay folks – help a guy out!

I’ve got the podcast listed on iTunes again!  What I need from you is a little love.  I’m back on iTunes (I even put all the past episodes up on the new domain!) but, as you can see from this screen shot, I don’t have any Customer Ratings or Reviews!

So, what I’m asking for is a little iTunes love!  How about taking a couple minutes to give me a rating, maybe write a review gushing about how much you love me and the podcast?

You can get to the page above by clicking this link: ATFMB on iTunes.  (This will launch iTunes)  If you love me *puppy dog eyes, quivering lip*, just click on the stars under ‘Customer Ratings’.  You can also subscribe to the podcast via this page so you won’t miss any upcoming episodes. 🙂  If you have subscribed in the past, please be aware – THAT LINK WON’T WORK ANYMORE! I used to host the podcast on a different site and a different domain that is no longer active, so you won’t receive updates unless you switch your subscription.

If you feel like giving me a little iTunes love, I really appreciate it. 🙂  If you don’t, that’s okay too. *sniff-sniff*  I’ll manage.  *sniff-sniff*  Somehow… *sad music*