Well.  Kinda looked like a promising year for SciFi and Fantasy shows, didn’t it?  Now we’ve seen a lot of shows come and go and, if you’re like me, you might be wondering what’s left out there for us to watch?

Not a lot.

Network stuff I like first:


Chuck is back on Mondays.  I love this show.  It seems to me that they’ve amped up the comedy this year on the spyfi show.  Everybody should watch this show so we get another season.  It’s worth your time.  Luckily, it’s been doing well in the ratings thus far, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.


Despite having that guy I can’t stand in the main role (Joseph Fiennes as FBI guy Mark Benford), and despite some crappy scripts towards the end before the mid-season break, FlashForward still has a lot of potential.  I’m really hoping that they manage to keep it together long enough to give us a decent second half of the season and a season two of the ratings gods are kind.  With Lost ending it’s run this year, ABC will be looking at what it has or might have that could fill the void.  FlashForward could be a contender (if they amp up the writing).

Trouble is, we have to wait til March to see anything more from this show, which means any momentum they may have had has been utterly lost.


Lost is still around, but this is the last season for the show.  I have high hopes that the series will deliver a strong ending and a satisfying one.  Note that writers and producers of Lost – we want a SATISFYING ending – not that bullcrap we got from Battlestar.


Of all the shows that have potential for greatness, Fringe is the potentialynious.  Potentiameter.  Um…

Fantastic characters; Olivia is driven, determined, she is going to figure it all out and stop the bad guys, Peter is the intelligent, some might even say dashing at times, anti-hero who seems to be growing into the role of ‘do gooder’ quite well.  He has his reasons for doing what he’s doing and we don’t really know what they all are.  Yet.  And then there’s Walter, beautiful, mega-smart, absolutely insane Walter who doesn’t have a filter on his mouth and says things that make me laugh and cringe all at the same time.

This show needs to survive because it can be great.  It can go down in the anals of tv history as one of the top genre shows.  If the writers don’t screw it all up.


I’m worried about the boys.  I really am.  I’ve tried to explain why I like this show in the past and I don’t think I’ve ever done it right.  In my mind, I feel like this show worked because they were sort of flipping us off.  Yeah, it’s a buddy show – but with issues.  Yeah, there’s ghosts, but they’re not your momma’s ghosts.  Shit happens.

But, lately, I feel like they haven’t been quite so irreverent, so flippant – they haven’t flipped me off in a while and I miss that.  The whole Angels/Demon war / apocalypse is taking too long.  If you have an apocalypse, they generally don’t stretch out long enough for people to go for pie, if you know what I mean.  Step it up, boys.  I want an ‘oh shit’ scene like Angel stepping off the elevator in LA to learn that the apocalypse has already happened, it’s here, it’s now – fight it or bend over.


I don’t know why I have this on the list.  It doesn’t deserve to be on the list at this point.  They gave us 4 friggin episodes – 4! and then they took the damned thing off the air where it has remained.  It’s being ‘retooled’ or ‘rebooted’ or whatever the hell they call it today in lala land.  I reserve the right to hate it just because dumbass people are involved behind the scenes.

What I don’t like / won’t watch on the networks:


Jumped the shark.  Lost the Force.  Got it’s Mojo stolen.


I’m surprised this is still on the air simply because the actors aren’t 13 anymore, and the CW likes it’s shows with 13 year olds.  I am going to watch the Justice Society episode because I want to see how badly they screw it up.

The Vampire Diaries

NO. Just… no.

Cable Stuff

Stargate: Universe

The channel formerly known as SciFi knows how to do one thing really, really well: annoy us.

I absolutely friggin HATE the way they do their ‘seasons’.  I swear they shoot themselves in the foot with this ‘1.0’ ‘1.5’ ‘2.0’ ‘.5 and three quarters’ season crapola.  Just when the show starts to get good, they break.  They’ll bring back 5 new episodes or some such shit later on this year, then break again, then bring a couple more – it’s moranic.  I hate it.

Did I mention that I hate it?

The show itself was great! I’d love to see more episodes! And maybe, just maybe, sometime in 2010, I will.  After they repeat the first few twenty seven times.

Warehouse 13

See above ‘Stargate: Universe’.


(points to the two shows above)

What I don’t like / won’t watch on cable:


I’ll comment now.  Oh, still see my rant above, but let me add: I really liked the 1st season of this show  It was new and different, had a decent backstory/mythology and I dug it.  2nd season – not so much.  I don’t know what happened, I don’t know if they fired some people or got some ‘notes’ from the network or what – but whatever it is, has really hurt this show in it’s 2nd season, so much so that I haven’t watched the last few episodes because I don’t want to put myself through that misery.


Unless someone very eloquent can talk me into it, I am not interested in this.  And I admit – part of me is afraid that I might like it a little and then the channel formerly known as SciFi will rape my up the  butt by screwing it up.


Legend of the Seeker

What can I say? Hmmm.  In order to watch this show, I have to forget that the books exist.  It’s the only way.  If I do that, if I consider it a stand alone piece that has nothing whatsoever to do with the novels as written by Terry Goodkind, then, and only then, can I allow myself to enjoy it.

Sad, but true.

That’s what’s left out there that I see or want to comment on.  There’s some other stuff, but not on my radar at the moment.

Thoughts?  What are you watching?