When Lost first hit the airwaves, I thought for sure it was going to be stupid.  I had visions of people running around making coconut radios and concocting impossible silly schemes for rescue.  Yes.  I’m saying that I thought it was going to be a modern day Giligan’s Island.

Boy, I could not have been more wrong.

Unfortunately (or, fortunately, depending on your point of view (thank you very much, Obi-Wan)), I only watched the 1st season, and not any of the subsequent seasons.  This was due to a lot of things.

The World of Warcraft. I was heavy into this at the time, I mean really, really heavy.  Played every night after work for hours, played on weekends – you name it, I was playing.

Self-imposed television hiatus. I decided I was watching too much of the old boob tube and needed to break from it.  I picked a handful of shows – like 4, to watch every week and that was it.  When one of those shows was on, the tv was on, but other than that, the tv was off.  Lost wasn’t on the list.

Writing again.  I’d started writing again – simple enough.  I was inspired by several things, so I wanted to write and I didn’t want to be distracted by tv.

Anyway, with the final season of Lost looming, I’d been thinking that now might be a good time to get caught up on the series.

As is my habit, I’ve been watching for the Lost DVD’s to come down in price for quite some time.  I enjoy buying a full season of a show and watching as many or as few episodes as I want when I want.  Honestly, if I could get new shows on demand I would (not 1 episode at a time – 1 SEASON at a time) because I just prefer it.  Unfortunately for me, the more popular the show, the less likely that show’s DVD’s will be reasonably priced.

I consider $20-30 for a full season of a show (22-24 episodes) to be reasonable.  I will wait out a show for those prices to drop, and that’s what I’ve been doing with Lost.  But Lost hasn’t been coming down – at least not at the retailers (the instant gratification monster inside of me hates waiting for mail orders to come) that I frequent.

Then, along comes Netflix.  I tried it as a lark, really.  Moved into the new house, I don’t know yet where I am going to put my DVD collection, nor my books, for that matter, so I haven’t setup any book shelves or the curio cabinet I have for DVD’s.  So when I wanted something to watch, I tried Netflix and found Lost on there.  I’ve been slowly streaming episodes ever since, direct to my tv thanks to TiVo.

So, what do I think?

I think they’ve done an excellent job with the show.  It’s better than I thought it would ever be, obviously.  I like that the island isn’t just an island, and it keeps throwing them (and us, as viewers), curve balls.

After the 1st season, I was firmly entrenched in the belief that there were 3 factions: survivors, Others & Monsters.  Since then, we’ve learned that there’s the Dharma Initiative, and this British guy, and these other people, and divisions within the Survivors, and divisions within the Others and the island itself has divisions.  It’s all very complex, but not so much that you can’t follow it and enjoy it.

I was upset (as I’m sure many others were) when Kate apparently chose Sawyer.  Then I was happy that Jack and Kate looked like they were going to get it together only for Jack to screw it all up (at which point I groaned).  When some people got off the island, it was bittersweet.  When people started flashing back and forth in time, I was just as confused as I was mesmerized.

Questions I’d like to see get answers:

Who or what is Jaycob?

Why did Claire just walk away from her son?

Who or what is Richard Alpert?  How old is he?

Why was Jack’s dad’s coffin empty?  Why is he walking around talking to people?

Why was Locke’s coffin occupied when he is up and around walking and talking to people?  What’s the difference here?

Just a few questions I have.  I’m sure there’s more I haven’t thought of.  Yet.

I think the writers do a fantastic job with this show and the actors give it their all.  I’m impressed and looking forward to this final season, and that’s what scares the living hell out of me.

You see, I was just as impressed and enamored with the writers, producers & actors involved with Battlestar Galactica.

…and look what that got me in the end.