My #FF recommendations are going to be different today. I’m going to take some time and tell you why you should follow these folks.  For prosperity sake, I’m going to put this post up so folks can come back and see it whenever they like.

if i forget someone, I apologize. I’m trying! 😀

Now, in no particular order whatsoever, here we go:

#FF @TatteredCover A Denver institution, the Tattered Cover is a very famous, independent book store. Support em & your own local own shops.

#FF @sfsignal If there is anything at all going on in the #SciFi world, SFSignal, a group blog, will tell us about it. Great folks!

#FF @sliceofscifi One of the best & most entertaining podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis & a great extra source of #SciFi news.

#FF @DenverWestword This is not your parents news. If you want to know what’s happening in Denver (& more), this is the place to go.

#FF @TVWatchtower Just as @SFSignal gives us all news #SciFi, TVWatcher gives us all news #TV & does a fantastic job of it.

#FF @Agent_M Editor of Writer, blogger, lover of tacos, tattoos, comics, video games, pop culture & cute stuff. -Entertaining-.

#FF @AirlockAlpha What can I say here? Entertaining, informative. A great source of #Scifi, genre, tv & movie news. A nerds nerd.

#FF @dances_w_vowels This is a Twitter bud. Follow him for entertaining tidbits throughout the day.

#FF @CliftonHill Another writer grunt in the trenches trying to get published – working on his Epic Fantasy Novel.

#FF @feliciaday Because she’s ~Felicia Day~ All your followers are belong to her.

#FF @bearmccreary He’s the music behind Battestar. FRIGGIN BATTLESTAR!!

#FF @LisaPietsch Writer, veteran, wife, mother of two. Check out her works & you’ll be glad you did.

#FF @billamend He created FoxTrot people. FOXTROT!

#FF @doctorow Cory Doctorow is a scifi author, activist, journalist, blogger & the co-editor of Boing Boing. Well worth your attention.

#FF @miladysa Web Fiction Writer, author of serialized story Refuge of Delayed Souls.

#FF @bbcamerica For all things BBC TV on this side of the pond…

#FF @TheNewAuthor Aspiring author, great person, currently writing 2nd novel, a twitter bud.

#FF @aspiringmama Writer, blogger, momma. What more could you ask for? Also a twitter bud.

#FF @janoda Archaeologist, Avid Reader, Writer. A WFG member and a big fan of online published fiction.

#FF @authormancuso A sci-fantasy author and worldbuilder, creator of The Dark Wars & The Demon-God of Jubagh.

#FF @quillfeather Aspiring Children’s author who loves cheese, people, wine & dogs – just not necessarily in that order.

#FF @Writepop Writer of science fiction, humor, and other strange things – always amusing & a twitter bud.

#FF @io9 Group blog & news source for all things genre. Oh, and they’re from the future. Probably.

#FF @TheBigKlosowski Denver dude, professional photographer & DenverTweetup organizer. Love the beard.

#FF @JohnAnealio He writes & records songs about sci-fi & fantasy novels & movies, releases them on his website. cool dude/twitter bud.

#FF @trishthewriter YA novelist, SP romance writer for adults, freelance writer, happily married mother of 2 daughters & a very dear friend.

#FF @jeremiahtolbert Writer, SF Geek, Freelance Web Designer, Photographer & all around cool cat with a hat. Mine’s cooler. & bigger. 😛

#FF Other Amazing Twitter Buds: @spacedmuch @DraggonWolv @prav_us @FARfetched58 @Yinepuhotep @Torinir @1CreativeWolf @trishaleighKC


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  • CliftonHill Posted January 25, 2010 11:37 pm

    Good post, I must be off to twitter to follow them all!

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