*Walks into the room, hops onto the ottoman, pauses mid-step, stares out the window for a moment, spins suddenly, licking his back, stretches his front paws out, then arches his back, spins again, looks around, sticks his back left paw straight up in the air and starts cleaning his inner leg, then moves onto the other leg, then his tail, moves quickly to his stomach, pausing to look around again, then finishes up with his front right leg – takes a breath, stands, spins around four times, then once in the opposite direction, curls into a ball and closes his eyes*

“That was a lot of work just to take a nap.”

*opens one eye* “You should see what I go through to poop.”

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  • CliftonHill Posted January 15, 2010 4:20 am

    And that's why I love cats…not the pooping part. The rest…

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