Sci Fi Songs: By John Anealio

Cover art by Ashley Quigg-

It’s kinda funny how things happen.  When I started playing World of Warcraft, a series of random meetings resulted in my meeting tons of new, creative and interesting people.  The same sort of thing happened when I joined Twitter a while ago.  One of those interesting people is John Anealio.

In a music landscape filled with pretty kids made famous for the ability to dance while lyp syncing, I always enjoy finding an indie artist who can actually write a song complete with lyrics, a musical arrangement and, most importantly, they can play an instrument.  John is one of those (he actually plays all the instruments, I believe).

Everyone has to have a niche and John Anealio has found a most unique one; he writes music about science fiction and fantasy stories that he enjoys.

How’s that for original?!

Up until now, the only way to get John’s music was from his site, Sci Fi Songs, but as of December, John released a CD titled simply enough, Sci Fi Songs, with 11 of his best tunes to date (available as a physical CD or for DL at CD Baby).

With titles like ‘Cylon #6’, ‘Summer Glau’ (lyrics by John DeNardo over at and ‘The Millennium Falcon for Christmas’, Sci Fi Songs is a must have for any fan of the genre.  Kinda folksy at times, kinda poppy, I find the tunes very nice, very mellow.

Now, I only recommend music if I truly like it and I can honestly say that I like and enjoy John’s music.  As you may have garnered from the bit above, I can be a music snob.  Having said that, Sci Fi Songs is part of my iTunes library and is frequent in my playlists since I ripped it.  I can’t give any higher recommendation than that 🙂

John Anealio, Sci Fi Songs – check it out.


Complete Track Listing:

  1. The Return of Titus Quinn
  2. Rachel Rosen
  3. Leodora
  4. Cylon #6
  5. Summer Glau
  6. Angels & Vampires
  7. Lonesome October Night
  8. Sarene
  9. Merithyn’s Promise
  10. The Millennium Falcon for Christmas
  11. Grasping for the Wind