So.  Chapter 16 of the WILDLY POPULAR WEB SERIAL Evermist hits the Internet today.  Are you excited?!

If you haven’t been reading it, I want you to know – you make me sad.  I mean, here I am, slaving over this hot laptop, day and night, sweat sometimes forming on my brow (not really, but my fingers cramp up and, honestly – think about my swimmers!  The heat from this laptop CANNOT be doing them any good…), sleep deprived, overly caffienated – and all to bring you the high quality science fiction you’ve come to expect from me… and you don’t check it out?!  You don’t tell your friends?  You don’t send me cookies?!


It’s ok.  You can make it up to me right here, right now.  All you have to do, is click the links.  Start at the beginning and work your way through it.  Heck, I even offer the first ten chapters in a PDF – A PDF!  YOU CAN’T GET ANY EASIER THAN THAT, PEOPLE!  Then, tell two friends.  If they like it, have them tell two friends.  And so on.  And so on…

I swear to you, it will be worth your time…

So, without any further adieu or ranting on my part (or mine. I’m that little voice inside his head. No, I’m not Lews Therin Telamon.), I offer you: Evermist.

Well.  There you have it.  Evermist so far.

…and it’s about to get sooooooo good.