Well, it’s the end of another year and it seems to be all the rage to come up with lists of things; top movies, top actors and actresses, top novels – I think you get the picture.

SO, I decided to do a list of my favorite posts from ATFMB over the course of the year.  The criteria for this list is simple enough: Stuff I wrote/ranted about that I like to this day and want to share again/draw your attention to it.

Here we go.  These are in no particular order.

Spank your inner moppet.  A rant about people who choose not to learn the basics of how their technology works.

Dear SciFi Channel, why you never quite got it.  SciFi changing their name lead to this post/rant.

Where ear aches come from.  An AIM conversation with my friend Candace was so amusing that it needed to be shared with the world. …never did write that story, though.

A Mac virus vs a PC virus.  A big noise was made last summer over a virus attacking Mac’s.  Hardcore PC bloggers were announcing the ‘end of Paradise’ and how Mac users would now have to run all sorts of anti-virus crap to protect themselves.  What they didn’t tell anyone, was how the Mac virus worked – so I did it for them.

Fun with Whiteboards. Because I mentioned Shel Silverstein.

Trolling my comic books.  This is the first one, the one that started my little journey down comic book memory lane.

Welcome to Solar City. My absolute favorite piece of original/flash fiction that I wrote this year, ‘Welcome to Solar City’ is a glimpse of the far future of The New Universe (my own little writing playground).  If you click nothing else on this list, click this.

Meeting L.E. Modesitt Jr.  Not only did I get to meet one of my favorite authors, he found this blog and we traded a couple of emails back and forth.

Flash Fiction Favorites: The Legend of Aoudjila, Whooops!, Dungeon Master & Free Falling. All wonderful pieces and well worth your time to read.

Star Trek-The Movie Adaptations.  This was a quick and fun look at the comic book adaptations of Star Trek movies.

12 people I’d like to have dinner with.  Pretty self-explanatory.

And lastly, The Birthday Post.

That’s my list – the best posts on this blog (imho) from 2009.  It’s been a good year – I’m glad for everyone who had come along for the ride.  Here’s to 2010 and a whole new set of posts, rants, comics and flash fiction.