*wakes up with a cat in his face*

“Oh GOOD!  You’re awake.  Look, I’ve been thinking…”

*groan* “What time is it?”

“Time?  What’s that?”

“As in the digits on a clock?”  *looks-groans again* “It’s 3 am!”

“Whatever – listen, want to play? *purrrrrr*

“I hate you.”

“Is that a yes?  That didn’t sound like a no.”

*rolls over*

“I’m still not hearing an answer here…”


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  • CliftonHill Posted December 21, 2009 9:04 pm

    Yep, cats are amusing. Ours used to pick up one of those rattley-balls covered in cloth in her mouth, and then proceeded to trot up the stairs meowing all the way — at yes probably around 3 am. Then she would proceed to drop it at our bedroom doorway and meow for us to play with her. Sometimes she would give up and decide to start batting it around to her amusement and our sleepy-eyed-detriment.

    Funny stuff really, just not at 3am…

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