Mom’s comments about the movie, ‘Angels & Demons’, which takes place in Vatican City:

*sorta spoilery but not really*

Mom: “Ooo.  That was a good movie.”

Me: “Yeah?”

Mom: “I really liked it.”

Me: “Good!’

Mom: “Those Illuminati…  You know – they just met in secret!”

Me: “They did?”

Mom: “Yep.”

Me: “So wait – the super secret society known as the Illuminati just met and you heard about it?”

Mom: “Yes.  On the radio.  They’re bad news.”

Me: “The super secret society of Illuminati just met, in secret, and you heard about it on the radio?”

Mom: “Oh, yes!  No one knows who they are or where they met but it’s not good for us.”

Me: “Wait – no one knows who they are, no one knows where they met, but the whole thing was advertised on the radio?”

Mom: “Well, not advertised – but people were talking about it.”

Me: “Which people?”

Mom: “People who know.”

Me: “‘People who know’?”  *thinks about this for a second*  “Art Bell?”

Mom: “There’s nothing wrong with Art Bell!  He -knows- things!”

Me: “…ok.”