The plan for the weekend is to lock myself away for as long as possible and try to really push on writing projects.

I know I haven’t talked about such things in a while, and there’s reasons for that.  What sucks is that reasons start sounding like excuses if you say them often enough.

Reason #1 I haven’t talked much about writing projects lately: My energies have been focused elsewhere.  First up, I’ve been looking into purchasing a house.  Scary, right?  That has really sucked up a lot of my energy.  I knew it would be rough, just not how rough.  Second, there’s my mom’s health.  She’s been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on the back of her lung.  We go in today to see if there is any other cancer or just the one tumor and find out what the treatment is going to be and when it begins (probably very soon/aggressive).  This has caused me to lose a lot of sleep lately.  We’re talking a LOT OF SLEEP here, people.  I don’t function well without sleep so taking some away from me?  Not a great idea.  Lack of sleep = grumpy brain = no write me stuff for read thing.  (That’s a direct translation of the electrical impulses shooting from my brain to my fingers when I try to type!)

Third, work has been more stressful of late.  Been trying to complete a massive project and then roll it out.  It feels like every step forward is worthy of an epic war novel, something 10,000 pages long or more.  It has just been really difficult.  I know the reward will make it all worth it; having everything in its place and working and people loving it.  Just have to get there.

Which really brings me to Reason #2 I haven’t talked much about writing projects lately: I haven’t done a lot of actual writing.

I have Evermist, which I pulled out and dusted off because I really did need a distraction.  Sam Kane is my baby, a novel about a young woman who gets tossed into the hidden world of magic and has to come to terms with her own power and her place in this world she never knew existed.  It really is fantastic and lovely and heart wrenching, which means I want it to be it’s absolute best.  But I found myself ripping things apart that I loved just an hour or a day or a week before – and that’s not good.  I realized it was time to step back, shift my focus, distract myself so I could come back to it fresh, which is why I’m pushing Evermist right now.

I also have a dozen or so flash fiction pieces and a couple of short stories still hanging out there to play with.  As they become what I intend them to be, they’ll most likely be published here for you to check out.

So, having said all of that – my intention this weekend is to hook up the ol’ laptop, hunker down into the comfy chair, turn on some decent tunes and work on writing. I’m not sure yet if it will be Evermist (which has a little over 30 chapters already in the can) or Sam Kane (which has a complete 1st draft and a partial 2nd).

Whichever I choose, it will be time well spent.


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  • Clifton Hill Posted November 7, 2009 12:52 am

    Yep, you’re right it does sound like a bunch of excuses ;-). Just razzing ya. I can relate a little. I started a blog post a bit ago about myself and kind of a set of excuses as to why I haven’t achieved some of my goals over the years, but it was really just me trying to make myself sound better. My wife pointed out to me it sounded like I was being whiney and well — she — was — right. Oh well. I don't want to be whiney so I took it down, until I can revise it to make sense for posting.

    Sorry to hear about all the stress, hope things come together soon, especially for your mom. I hear ya on the lack of sleep as a new parent, even though our daughter is almost two. She’s still little, and there are a lot of parental demands you need to deal with that suck the sleep right out of ya.

    Happy writing!

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