Classic SciFi shows had a sense of style that still shines through today.  Which show has your favorite intro?  Let’s take a look – nothing before 1980, shall we?!

The Outer Limits.

The Twilight Zone

Doctor Who

The Time Tunnel

Land of the Giants

Click Here to watch the intro

The Six Million Dollar Man

Click here to watch the intro

Land of the Lost

Star Trek

Lost in Space (best I could find)

Space 1999


The Prisoner

The Avengers (SpyFy, I know – but still fun!)

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Shazam (Cuz I just had to)

…and since I put Shazam on the list, I have to add: The Adventures of Superman

…and I have to add, The Amazing Spider-Man

Thoughts? Come on people – let me know what you’re thinking!