Another quick round up of stuff I found interesting on the web today.

Galactic Hookup Spawns Celestial Offspring comes from Wired (but it’s all over the web). Basically, Hubble caught a photo of galaxies colliding.  I wonder what happens to the stars and planets when galaxies collide and merge?  Man. Wouldn’t that be a great story to write?

“I looked up into the bright sky, full of stars, and knew that we were all so very screwed.”

…okay, so, maybe it needs some work. Everyone is a critic!  Sheesh!

Nice picture on that link.

Dungeons & Dragons Online is now free (and people are playing it again). This is from Ars Technica – talking about how the game has new life thanks to it being free.  Yeah, well – DUH!  That’s why newspapers are failing but blogs and Internet based news sources are THRIVING.

I’ve never played this game cuz I don’t think they have a Mac version, which is stupid.

CNET tells us that Barnes & Noble makes October 20 event official.  Speculation is that this will be the launch of a new e-reader from B&N. I don’t mind all the competition out there – quite the contrary – but I sure wish they’d all settle on a single format.  I don’t want e-readers to become like cellphones – exclusive to a certain carrier and if you switch, everything you bought goes away.  That’s just stupid.

I have a lot of DVD’s (We’re talking a LOT here.  Like, tons.  Way too many.  A whole case, thingie with these doors and lights and stuff – full, top to bottom.  A little overflowing…  God, I need a life…) and if my DVD player breaks I can just go out and buy another one – any brand I want and it’ll work with the DVD’s I already have.  THAT’S what e-readers need to be.

Comic Book Resources has a nice little roundup peice on the 2009 Harvey Awards held at the Baltimore Comic-Con.

Yeah, I got nothing.  Just a good article.

According to GameLife, the guy who wrote ‘Saving Private Ryan’ has been tapped to write the Warcraft movie for Blizzard.  This could mean that the movie won’t suck.  Could also mean that the sequences where the Orcs are enslaved by the humans and sent to camps in Ashenvale will be so intense that any Orcs in the audience will become visibly upset and will have to leave the theater…

Life, Doctor Who and Combom has an amusing video with Rowan Atkinson (whom I love – he is fantastic) as ‘Spider Plant Man’.  worth a looksee. asks the question: Does the SciFi label still apply?

Yes.  But not at BestBuy (I plan to blog about this later on this week – BestBuy has removed ‘SciFi’ from it’s shelves, relegating titles to ‘Action’, instead).

Also at – Tube Bits.  Um… There’s a photo on that page.  Wow.  I don’t remember THOSE costumes in Stargate: Universe.

Rachelle Gardner has a great post on her blog: Protocol – When an Agent Offers to Rep You.  Excellent reading for anyone who is looking for representation and wondering how to handle stuff that comes along.  She always has good advice – well worth your read.

In the ‘odd but interesting’ pile – both from Wired.  Hunting Arctic Asteroid Impact With Hovercraft & 35 Years of the World’s Best Microscope Photography.  Both are very interesting, if a bit off.  The overcraft thing – I keep seeing G.I. Joe in my head – loading up some hovercraft to chase Zartan through the artic tundra or some such.  Don’t ask me why.  And the microscopic photography is very cool, yes strange all at the same time.  Makes me think of Spore.  or that ‘Fantastic Voyage’ (I think that’s the one) where they shrink the ship full of doctor’s and scientists and then inject em into the President (I think) to save him from something that can only be removed from inside his body.  OR, that ride at Disneyland where you are shrunk down and enter the unseen world of the body (which, come to think of it – was probably tied to that movie).

Worth a looksee.

Sam Raimi said something! About Spider-man 4!  And it didn’t piss me off!  Thanks to Slice of SciFi for that link.  And for this one: Actress Jolene Blalock will join the cast of the syndicated series “Legend of the Seeker” for the upcoming second season.

Raise your hand if you think she’ll have a skin tight outfit that pushes her boobs up and barely contains them inside some sort of lace up bodice!  Go ahead – it’s okay!  We know it will…

I think I liked her better on Stargate as a warrior/leader versus her run on Craptaprise.  I promise I’ll reserve judgement on this until I see who she’s playing and how they are interpreting the character.


AND SPEAKING OF WOMEN WEARING NEXT TO NOTHING.  20 awesomely hot Slave Leia costumes.

What is it about Princess Lea in the gold bikini that so sets off us males, eh?  I could probably do a blog post on it but I’m kinda busy going through the photos right now, so, maybe later?

Lastly, I offer you this: You can own Firefly’s Serenity for just $2,495. The link!  Not the replica!  I don’t have $2500 to throw around, and if I did, I’d totally have to get a TARDIS first…