Chapter One

Elias folded his good white shirt and placed it in the duffel atop his other worldly possessions he was allowed to take with him; two pairs of pants – one black, one dark blue, small clothes and undershirts, three pair of long underwear his mother had made special for the trip, two long, woolen shirts and the jackets to match the pants, the slingshot he’d carved from the tree branch that had caught his eye as being ‘perfect’ when he was only ten years old, all three books that he had bought with his own money, and the letters from his summer away from Anise tucked away with a red ribbon to keep them together and safe. For Induction today, he wore the gray suit with his black shirt. He knew he’d be issued a uniform as soon as he arrived, but he still wanted to look presentable at the gates.

A small part of his mind wondered how many other young men showing up today could boast three coats and the pants to match. He didn’t think there would be very many, if any at all.

Nor would many manage a purse with two golds, twelve silvers and forty-seven coppers. The treasure constituted all the money he had in the world and he didn’t know if he’d need it where he was going or not, but he wanted it with him just the same.

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