I owed a blog post today so I figured I should mention some changes to the site that I’ve done recently.

PS1474Example: There is now a sidebar widget for ‘Coming Soon…’

Basically, it shows a certain number of upcoming posts in the sidebar.  It’s really rather slick.  You can show scheduled posts if you want (which I don’t cuz I rarely do scheduled posts), or you can have it show draft posts from a particular category.

I chose the latter, so I’ve setup a new category of ‘Coming Soon’ specifically for these draft posts that I think are gonna go ‘live’ soonish.  Think of it like a tease.  I just have to remember to take the post out of that category once I publish it.

PLUS, if you see something there that never shows up on the site or disappears, you can shoot me an email or a tweet and say, “DUDE! WTF?! Where’s that awesome looking post that I thought was coming soon?!”

Feet to the fire folks, feet to the fire.

I’ve also changed up/expanded my sidebar links.  I started with the ‘News’ section, adding sites like Apple Insider, CBR, SfSignal, etc and so on.  I encourage everyone to check these links out as they all link off to interesting sites.

Next up, I split blogs out into two sections: Writer Blogs and Blogs of Interest.

I figure writers need their own section and shout outs, hence the split.  Check it out and if you’re on the list, link back to me!

Another new edition on the right sidebar is a Twitpic widget that shows recent pics that I’ve uploaded.  Links off to them too.  Kinda neat – I like it anyway.

I think that’s it for now.