When it comes to my writing anyway.

And then again, maybe my Scifi is simply subtle; it’s there in my stories but you don’t realize it. I wrote a lot more Scifi stuff when I was younger versus today, where I lean more on the Fantasy side of things. Of course, I also merge elements of both.

In my current manuscript, it’s all Fantasy, really. But I’ve some other back burner projects that I would certainly call hard core Scifi if forced to label them.

I’m wondering if our tastes for genres mellow and change, similar to our taste for certain foods changes as we grow older?

If I’m being honest with myself and with you the reader, I feel that my talent lies in Fantasy. That’s probably the main reason I tend to write in that genre; I’m good at it (I think/hope anyway!). I think I make a rookie mistake with Scifi in that I get lost in the science instead of the story (and I should be in the story). The more fantastic I can make it, the more comfortable I feel… But I start worrying about the science.

I can write truly detailed Fantasy with rich worlds but I stumble attempting the same in a Scifi setting.

Sigh. Maybe that’ll get better over time.


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