I admit that I’ve had a rough couple of… well, weeks, I guess?  Months, maybe?  Two late night hospital adventures back to back followed by little sleep and worrying do not, a wide-eyed bushy-tailed Pat, make.

Still, I’m surprised that I somehow messed up the 2nd episode of my WILDLY POPULAR new podcast. (okay, so it’s not popular. Yet. GIVE IT TIME!)

When I uploaded it last night to the server and set about making it all live and ready to be heard, one thing stuck out in my mind; the site I use,, has a setting in their dashboard when you’re uploading a new podcast, for length.  It has an ‘auto detect’ feature. I clicked it.  It said ’33 minutes’ and change.  I cocked my head, perplexed.  Had I not just recorded 48 minutes and change?  That’s what the timer on Garageband had said.

Curious, I went back to Garageband and checked; sure enough, 48 minutes and change.  Hrmm.

I changed the setting and moved on, saving the new podcast and then having dinner, putting out tweets and blog posts and Facebook updates to let people know the new podcast was up.  Then I went to see Transformers 2 later in the evening, thinking nothing more about it.

This morning, I woke with it on my mind again.  It just didn’t make any sense!

Once at work, I downloaded the podcast from iTunes and decided to listen to it while I worked.  Around minute 33 and change, the podcast was over.  But it still showed 10+ minutes left.  D’oh?  What had I done?  What could it be?  …why is it going on?  …why is it repeating stuff from earlier in the podcast?


Sigh.  I broke something, somewhere.  I don’t know where yet.  Won’t know until I get home and can compare Garageband to podcast file uploaded and whatnotall.

I suppose these things happen when you first launch something like this.  …I keep telling myself that anyway.

Now I wonder if I can fix it?  Will replacing the file on the server fix it all?  I suppose it won’t for anyone who has already downloaded it…