You’ve seen them in all the video stores and on  You’ve probably bought a few.  But, honestly, what the hell is the deal with ‘unrated dvd’s’?

At worst it’s a marketing ploy, at best, you’re getting the 2 and 1/2 minutes of cussing they cut out of the film to receive the coveted PG-13 rating from the MPAA.  Is it worth it?

If you saw the movie in the theaters, do you really care about the bit they cut out for the rating?  If you didn’t see it in theaters, is the unrated experience better, more enticing?

I’ve bought a couple of the Unrated DVD’s and I don’t see the appeal.  Comparing the DVD to the theatrical release, I don’t see much difference between the two beyond the aforementioned cussing.

I think it comes down to the studios making movies that would otherwise be PG (…when was the last time any movie came out with a PG rating? Do they still even HAVE a PG rating for movies?!) or R rated, but not wanting to release them that way.  The PG-13 rating has become the end all, be all of movie ratings.  Especially in the summer – see, teenagers can go see it without their parents and they’ll go see it multiple times with their friends, which just makes the studios more money.

Everything seems to be shooting for that demographic anymore.  Look at the books they are willing to publish; Young Adult stories of forbidden love with Vampires, for example.  But after they’ve made all the teenie-bopper money, they want to entice the adults to actually pony up some cash so they have to do something to get our attention – ‘Unrated’? ooo – that must be so much better!

Does it work?  I’ve stayed away from Twilightesque stuff.  If I were wholly unaware of it and saw something that said, “Unrated Vampire Movie” all over the cover, I’d probably get fooled into checking it out.

What about you?