I was asked just today on Twitter how I manage my time.  This was in response to my saying:


It was a damned fined question.

I am not a published author but I’ve probably read just about everything I can on writing simply because this is what I want to do.  The above message is accurate.  Everything I’ve read on the subject boils down to one simple concept: if you want to be a writer then you need to write.  Write even if it’s crap because you have to practice if you want to get better at it.  What is it Stephen Kind said?  He wrote 200 books before one was published?  Writing to write.

But how do you manage to write or fit it into your busy schedule?

For me, it’s a commitment that I’ve made to myself.  I know that every night, no matter how I feel, no matter what’s going on or the day that I’ve had, I am going to sit down and I am going to write for at least one hour.  Sometimes in that hour I write the worst crap I’ve ever seen and sometimes, I hit it right on the mark and I don’t want to stop.  If I have the energy, I won’t stop.

I also blog to keep the creative juices flowing.  Hence this site.

I will be the first to admit that there are tons of things to distract me from writing including but not limited to:

  • TV
  • Movies
  • Xbox
  • World of Warcraft
  • Reading
  • Life

I guess it all comes down to balance.  Everyone has to find their own balance and I don’t think any book written on the subject can do it for you because we’re each unique.  What I’m doing, right now, works for me – right now.  It may change in a month or a year and I’ll have to find that new balance to make it all work for me.


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