This is part four of my ‘hospital weak’ posts, where I detail why I’ve been so quiet on the blog recently.  If you need to catch up, here’s a link to part one, ‘the 2 am phone call that started a week in the hospital‘ and part two, ‘TGIF only works if you’re not in the hospital‘, and part three, ‘my Saturday kicked your Saturdays ass‘ –  just click those links and take a look.  Then come back here for part four.

As a quick recap: my friend Andi was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and sent home from the ER only to return a couple days later to find out that her gallbladder had to come out and was the source of her intense abdominal pain.  In part three, Andi had her surgery and had to spend another night in the hospital.  I went home late again to try and get some rest.

Sunday, I woke no less grumpy than the previous couple of days.  The constant driving back and forth to Wheat Ridge (thirty minutes from my home), worrying, pacing, dealing with stuff – it was all taking it’s toll.  I was tired, cranky, grumpy – exhausted.  Of course, I tried hard not to let Andi know that.

Again, I overslept.  Had planned to get up early and head to the hospital because Andi would be released today and I knew she was eager to get home.  Well, that didn’t work out – I slept right through my alarms.  Again.  This happens when I’m especially tired, and sometimes when I’m not especially tired.  As loud and obnoxious as my alarms are, most people can’t figure out how anyone could sleep through them, yet I do.

I wake up and text Andi – it’s 20 after 9.  She says she’s just waiting on the doctor to come and discharge her, but he won’t be in til after church.  I get going, do the shower and shave thing, jump in the car.  Get down the road, realize that I have left her house keys on my other pants.  Turn around, head back to get them, then realize I need gas, so I stop for that – another text comes through asking me when I’ll be there, I explain what’s going on and why the delay.

I so my usual routine an head to her place, walk the dog, then to the hospital.  Still no sign of the doc.  We chat; she’s looking and sounding tons better.  Boy, what a difference a day makes.  She’s able to get up, walk around (though not a lot) and is eager to get home.  Still, we wait.  She naps.  I start to get hungry.  The nurse tells me that Andi managed pancakes for breakfast, which is fantastic considering she’s been on an IV for days.  I announce that I’m going to the cafeteria to get some food while she naps.

“You know, as soon as you leave, the doctor will show up,” she says.

“Ah,” I reply.  “But that’s my plan!”

I head down just before 2 and get some food.  The only thing that looked appealing was the macaroni salad so I got that with a couple slices of turkey (which I regretted as soon as I tasted it -bleh) and a Mt Dew, sat down and inhaled the salad and the Dew, tried the turkey and then pushed it off to the side where it could continue growing into whatever it was supposed to be.  Pretty sure it wasn’t supposed to be turkey.  Maybe some sort of tasteless rubber product.

Back up to the room and…!  No doctor yet.  Sigh.  My clever plan had failed.

However, the nurse did come up to me and tell me that the doctor was now in the building; there’d been a confirmed sighting on the 3rd floor.  This meant we just might be leaving soon after all.  I went in to tell Andi, who was happily dozing.  Around 3ish, the nurse came in to tell us that the Doctor had been called into an emergency. Oh crap.  I thought for sure we’d be there another few hours, but then she smiled and said that she’d caught him and told him we were waiting and got him to discharge Andi.

This made Andi quite happy and I knew she’d be more comfortable recovering at home so I was happy as well.  We still had some paperwork to go over, and scripts to get and whatnotall, but soon we were on the road and heading back to her apartment.  I could see the relief radiating from her as we walked into the apartment.  I still needed to get her script filled though, so I got her settled and made that trip to the pharmacy.

Let me tell you, when you have a script for percoset, they don’t mess around.  I almost expected them to take a blood or DNA sample from me to verify my identity before they’d give me the damned pills.  Yikes!  Picked up a few groceries for Andi, then a sammich for myself and headed back.  Offered half the sammich, but she declined.  She was already much more relaxed versus her time in the hospital.  Still in pain, certainly, but comfortable and that’s important.

I hung out that night, came back Monday and Wednesday (she gave me Tuesday off) and have watched her strength coming back as she pushes to do more for herself again.  I’ve no doubt she’ll bounce back very quickly (Saw her Thursday and we went to see Up! – she was doing loads better!!).

It amazes me that these kinds of surgeries can be done so quickly and that we can recover from them.

Anyway, that’s the story of where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to for the past week or so.  And why I haven’t blogged much.  As things get back to normal, I’ll get back into my routine of erratic updates you’ve all come to love and hate…



  • Alexis Grant Posted June 9, 2009 7:33 am

    Thanks for visiting my blog and pointing me to yours! Already learned a bit about you through this post.


  • Patrick Hester Posted June 9, 2009 8:30 am

    Is that a good thing or a bad thing? >_>

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