…but not really.

This is part three of my ‘hospital weak’ posts, where I detail why I’ve been so quiet on the blog recently.  If you need to catch up, here’s a link to part one, ‘the 2 am phone call that started a week in the hospital‘ and part two, ‘TGIF only works if you’re not in the hospital’ –  just click those links and take a look.  Then come back here for part three.

When last we spoke, I’d gone home and hit the hay around 2:15 am Friday night/Saturday morning.  Andi had been admitted to Exempla Lutheran for gallbladder surgery, which they were going to be doing first thing in the morning.

Now, for a lot of people, ‘first thing’ means different things.  For example; to my Uncle, ‘first thing’ means around 5 am.  For me, it means 10 am.  Seriously.  For this doctor, it means 3 pm.

I woke up at 9 am cursing the foul, evil bright thing glaring down at me from the big blue thing in the whatsit…  As my mind became aware of the simple things again, like vocabulary, I realized that my foolish thoughts of waking at 7 (I’d set my alarm for such) had been dashed away and I was, in fact, late.  Sure that Andi’s surgery had already been completed and that she was lying in her hospital bed, quite upset with me for missing everything and wondering when I would be coming by to pick her up (it was supposed to be outpatient surgery, after all), I started rushing.

I took a shower in record time, got dressed, jumped into my boots (hiking style, not cowboy) and grabbed my phone.  I called the room – no answer.  I called the front desk and gave them the security pin for Andi to get information released to me (a pretty nifty idea, btw).  The nurse told me that she had not yet, in fact, had the surgery, that she was actually sound asleep, and we were just waiting on the doctor to become free to do the surgery, which would be any minute now.

Okay – not as bad as I thought, but I still needed to get there.  I sent Andi a text and told her I was heading straight there.  ‘Sound asleep’ Andi texted me back immediately telling me there was no rush and could I please bring her cell phone charger?  Okay, I’d planned to head straight in but she wanted her charger and the dog probably really did need to go out and oh well.  I headed to her place.

The dog was very happy to see me and showed me her appreciation by doing her business not once, but more like seven different times.  In seven different spots.  And in no hurry whatsoever (Squirrel? *pause midstep with head tilted to the side*) .  Sigh.

I located said cell charger and made the dash to the hospital where I found that nothing whatsoever had happened.  Andi was still in pain, though the meds were helping.  She was not allowed to eat anything, but could use this sponge on a stick thing to moisten her mouth – that was all she was allowed to have.  Frankly, knowing her as I do, I was really surprised she didn’t just grab the cup of water the sponge stick was in and down it.  But she didn’t.

I stuck around, twittering, calling people, holding a hand – whatever was needed.  They finally came and got her around 2:30 pm.  We headed downstairs, had a quick consult with the anesthesiologist while an OR nurse prepared her, then they went in and I went to the waiting room to call everyone involved and let them know she was finally getting surgery.

The surgery itself only takes an hour, then there’s an hour of post-op recovery, then she’s back in her room.  So all I had to do was wait.  I paced around the room.  I looked at the fishes.  I drank some coffee even though I don’t drink coffee.  (I heard Giles and Xander from Buffy in my head. X: “You’re drinking coffee? I thought you British people were all about the tea!” G: “Tea is calming. I wish to be tense.”  Paraphrasing, but you get the gist.)  I paced some more.  Another family came in; the grandmother was having surgery.  There were three, possibly four generations there.  They all stood out in the prep area with her for a bit, then they brought two 10 yr old looking boys into the waiting area, told them to hang out and behave, then went back to grandma.

Great.  I tweeted about these two.  Here’s the highlights:


…yeah.  Homer’s voice saying, “Urge to kill rising…” comes to mind.

After an hour, the surgery was over and I went up to wait in her room.  About 30 minutes later, they wheeled her in.  She did great!  Surgery went well, gallbladder was gone. I was released to go get some food, which I did (starved at that point).  I hit a store, bought stuff to clean up the carpet with, then went through a McDonalds drive thru.  Holy crap, was that a mistake!  It was TERRIBLE!  Brown, soggy fries and a cold Big Mac – BLEH!

Went to her place, ate my sad breakfast/lunch/dinner combo meal (mostly), took the dog for a walk, then set to cleaning up the carpet a bit.  Once I finished that task, I took the trash out on my way out, returned to the hospital, made more phone calls and sat with Andi.  Because of how late they did the surgery, she had to stay another night.  She also had to get up and start walking and complete several things in the first few hours after surgery.  I helped / encouraged as necessary and was kicked out, again, around 10 PM.

I returned to her apartment, again walked the dog, played with the cats / gave them some human interaction so they wouldn’t go Lord of the Cats on her apartment (which I could totally see them doing if left alone too long), cleaned the carpet some more, then headed home to crash once again.

Part four tomorrow – Return of the Kusani!