Where ear aches come from


Fun with Instant Messaging

Candace (2:27:05 PM): bleh, I have an earache

Me (2:27:40 PM): I hate earaches

Me (2:27:47 PM): i get them all the time and it sucks

Candace  (2:28:44 PM): I wonder what causes them for you, maybe a shunt would help

Me (2:32:06 PM): my earaches are supposedly caused by water that gets trapped by wax. in the warm environment of my ear, bacteria grows and then spreads and I have an ear infection. This was not how I thought they happened, which was a much longer explanation and included Gremlins and an ear infection machine made of Hobbit Bones and Orc Snot.

Candace  (2:32:33 PM): hehe, eww

Me (2:34:01 PM): *sends this to another IM person*

Kitty (2:34:01 PM): *laughs!!* I feel like the original idea could be made into a fantastic children’s story.

Kitty (2:36:27 PM): Tough time for Gremlins with those Orcs. That’s quite an adventure just to make one little ear infection.

Me (2:39:14 PM): well, I figure they harvest the infected, backed up ear wax for something nefarious

Kitty (2:39:35 PM): I imagine they could do a number on the elves with that stuff.

Me (2:39:53 PM): like, they make the McDonald’s sandwich, the McRib, using it. that sauce has to come from somewhere…

Kitty (2:40:03 PM): Get a glob of it on their pretty flowing clothing and cause heart-attacks amongst half the fiel– *gag*

Me (2:40:09 PM): hee hee

Kitty (2:40:31 PM): Very glad I don’t eat at McDonald’s unless on the road now. x_x

Me (2:41:03 PM): >.>

…now I guess I need to write the story of the Gremlins who harvest ear wax from infected ears for nefarious purposes.  Somehow, I can’t see mothers rushing out to purchase that book for their children…  Boys would -love- it…