So.  This week we had several season finales and I want to talk a little bit about each of them, tell you what I thought of them, where they were weak and where they weren’t so much.  Spoliers abound, so if you haven’t seem em yet, I suggest you come back when you have.


You know, I haven’t been too happy with Smallville in general lately.  I get the ‘no cape/no tights’ concept and for the most part, I’ve enjoyed the show’s take on the Superman story, but the past couple of seasons have just been lackluster.  I’m not surprised that several key cast members have moved on to other things.  (I was gonna say ‘better’, but then I remembered ‘Street Fighter: the Legend of Chun Li’ and I stopped myself.)

This last season, with the whole Doomsday/Davis storyline, the show hit new lows of tearing up the DC Universe.  I at least thought they were building to something, like a fight between Doomsday and Clark – something awe inspiring.  I admit, part of me wanted to see Clark just get his ass kicked.  The other part of me just wanted to see something cool from this show.  Instead, we got a low key, anticlimactic piece of crap.

There was no fight.  Doomsday slapped Clark twice, then Clark buried him a mile in the ground.  What a let down.  And Jimmy Olsen died but it’s okay because he has a little brother who can take over and be a photographer?  What a load of crap.

Worst season finale ever.  I can’t believe this show’s been picked up for another season.  Let it die already.


This show is fantastic, and the season finale’s have been spectacular.  I think they set the bar really high with the 1st season ender though, I mean – how can you compete with your heroes regrouping, talking about how they’re going to take down the bad guy when WHAM!  Car gets flattened by a semi?

Still, they’ve tried and done well.

Not so much with this weeks finale.

The boys have been in some deep shit before, but now they’re caught, quite literally, in a war between Heaven and Hell.  On one side, there are the Angels, who pulled Dean out of Hell because only he can stop the Apocalypse.  On the other, you have Lillith and a score of demons who are slowly breaking the 66 seals that will free Lucifer.

Seems pretty straight forward?  Well, it’s not.  First, we get a flashback to explain something we’ve been chewing on for 4 seasons now – what was the yellow eyed demon really prepping the kids like Sam for?  Turns out, it has something to do with Lillith and the seals.  And Sam?  Well, he’s gone full on Vampire, drinking the blood of demons to boost his strange powers.  This leads to he and Dean falling out after Dean and Bobby try to detox him, a detox that fails because the Angels let Sam out.

That’s right, the Angels are playing a different game, and in the finale we learn that they want the Apocalypse to come.  They want the war, and they’re using Dean and Sam to make it happen – Dead to open the first seal in Hell, and Sam the last seal to free Lucifer.

Over all, not a bad plot, but the episode felt like it dragged on.  Dean had plenty of time to stop Sam once he escaped the Angels, but it just didn’t happen.  Ruby was revealed as working with Lillith all along (gosh. A demon being duplicitous) and got the knife in the end.  Then the boys stood there while Lucifer rose.

I liked it but I didn’t love it.  I don’t know what I expected, but this wasn’t it.


Holy guacamole.

I wondered where they were going with the alternate universe stuff they’ve been playing with the past few episodes, and boy howdee did they deliver!

The big bad, if he can be called that (he’s not exactly Lex Luthor), is roaming around the country, doing something with some machinery that leaves trucks that don’t exist (according to their VIN numbers) sliced in half, with the back half nowhere in sight and witnesses who claim to see a sort of shimmering mirror/doorway.

Turns out, he’s trying top get William Bell, the founder of Massive Dynamics and the guy everyone wants to talk to, to pay some attention to him.  And the only way to do that, is to go where Bell lives – an alternate Earth.

This finale had two major, mind blowing moments and I’m going to talk about them out of order because I think one is, believe it or not, the bigger of the two.  So, the end of the show – Olivia is waiting at a restaurant for her meeting with Nina Sharp from Massive Dynamics.  Nina doesn’t show, so Oliva gets in the elveator to leave.  There’s a flash, and suddenly she’s somewhere else.  She’s lead into an office where she meets William Bell.  “Where am I?” she asks.  “And who are you?”  She looks out the window – she’s in one of the towers of the World Trade Center – intact and unharmed.

As much of an ‘Holy Shit!’ moment as that is, I still like the other one better.

Walter find Peter’s favorite coin from when he was a child.  Peter doesn’t remember the coin.  Walter keeps it with him.  He’s walking through a graveyard.  He’d explained about wanting to reach across the alternate universes to take back something that he’d lost, something so precious…  He walks up to a grave, tears in his eyes.  He places the coin on the gravestone.  We see the name: Peter Bishop.

Wow.  Just, wow.

This show really delivered a fantastic finale.  I can’t wait to see what they do next!

Well, that’s it for today.  One crappy finale, one that was sort of okay and one that just blew me away.