Dear JJ Abrams,

Okay – I get it now.  I’ve seen your flick and I’m on board.

I haven’t really said a whole heck of a lot about the movie reboot of StarTrek. I mentioned in a post about movie trailers.  But I didn’t really get too in depth about it.

I’ve mentioned plenty of times that I’m not into the whole ‘remake’ thing that Hollywood loves to do.  I think they ‘reboot’ things because they still own the rights so it’s cheaper in their minds to keep flogging that dead horse instead of trying something original. That’s why we have two Sherlock Holmes movies being made even as I type this.

As for Star Trek, I really felt like the more they messed with this franchise, the worse it was getting. The Next Generation was fantastic.  I love it to this day. Deep Space Nine, not so much.  Voyager was good – I really felt like they were getting back to the ‘five year mission’ vibe from the original show.  Enterprise was a disaster.

So going into this film, I was skeptical.

Spoilers of a sort abound from this point on, so if you haven’t seen JJ Trek yet, go see it and then come back here and read on.

There’s a great episode of The Next Generation where a starship from the past comes through a rift in time.  This changes everything, and brings Tasha Yar back to life.  Imagine if that starship hadn’t gone back through the rift to ‘set history back on track’ – that’s what this Star Trek reminds me of.

I don’t think it’s really a reboot or a retelling – it’s what would’ve happend if Doc Brown and Marty hadn’t been able to set the time line right again in Back to the Future Part 2 – it’s the Federation had that starship not gone back to fight a losing battle against the Romulans in The Next Generation.

In short, it’s a frakked up time line.

And that’s the simple beauty of JJ’s Trek and why it works and why I get it.  They spend a few minutes explaining that to the audience and to themselves and they do it really well.  It makes sense in that Trek SciFi universe sort of way.  Someone traveled through time and in doing so, frakked it all up – sent ripples out like a giant rock splashing into a lake.  What was is gone.  What will be is not set in stone.  Everything is starting from that new point in time and moving forward.  Who knows what that will mean for these characters?

We’ll have to wait and see.  I’m sure they’ll make many sequels based on the box office thus far.

I know there are SciFi authors out there who don’t care for Trek but the way I see it, this movie could not only envigorate a stagnate film franchise, but also an industry.