A few quick bits going around in my head today, April 15th, 2009.

First off: Why the BBC and SciFi should make a deal to air Doctor Who in a -timely- fashion in the states, no more of this year later bull crap.  In brief: BECAUSE I WANT IT!


Fringe – love it.  Want more.  Give me more.  It’s like X-Files without all the sunflower seeds and porn…  (if they could get the Lone Gunmen to appear on the show I’d flip out…)

Taxes suck.

Tea parties.  I think we should be doing a little teabagging on the senators, governors, congressmen, etc. and so on, not just throwing tea parties.  Teabagging em might actually get their attention.

I’m itching to go to a comic book store or a con.  This is not good.  The last thing I need is to revisit that old habit of spending way too much money plus where the hell would I put the stuff?  I’d need a house.  A big one.  Why are you staring at my DVD collection?  I don’t have a problem!  Seriously!! …um.  Cough.

Back to reading the Harry Dresden novels from Jim Butcher.  Took a break with something like four novels left to get all caught up (and I need to read his full blown fantasy epics that I bought too – ‘fires of’ something or other).  Now I’m back and they are still so much fun.  You move through them and so much happens before you even realize, and you’re halfway through going, “Wait – NOOOO!!!  IT’S ALMOST OVER!!!  DAMMIT!”  Harry’s getting darker.  He doesn’t want to, it’s just happening.  He feels himself slipping and he wants help but he doesn’t know how to ask for it or who he would ask if he did.  It’s getting really, really good.  I’m loving the arc that this character has taken over the course of the books.  I can see now why so many people bitched about the ‘lite’ tv show (which I still like).

Picked up the 1st season of ‘Supernatural’ because I’d heard good things about it and the couple of episodes I’d seen looked good.  I have to say, I’m really impressed with the series.  It’s really well done.  I’m about halfway through the 1st season and I hope that the following seasons hold up as well.

I’m at a point where I prefer, really, really prefer, to buy my tv on DVD when it’s on sale (HUGE point there – I want to pay $20 for a season, not $50 – thank you SamsClub…).  I can watch a whole season when I want to watch it and I don’t have to wait a week for the next episode, which rocks.  (…I don’t have a problem!  …cough.)

I also picked up ‘Spaced’ from the BBC.  I didn’t really know what this was all about.  I remembered the hoopla when it was released, with the cast and crew hitting American cons to promote the release.  Wasn’t sure if it was SciFi or what – turns out that it’s as good if not better than the other BBC series that I really liked, ‘The IT Crowd’ (also out on DVD now).  Twenty something slackers living together in a 3 story house, tons of geekish references and nods to movies, comics and tv shows (Matrix, Star Wars, etc.).  Really funny stuff.  But like most BBC shows, it leaves me wanting more when I know there will probably be no more.  Sigh.

Writing is going well, managed several chapters, then wrote myself into a corner and spent a few days trying to figure out how to get myself out again – which meant a rewrite, but that’s okay because I like the rewrite better anyway.  Really focused on the ‘Kane’ project, which is good.  Have another project for the weekend, but I should still be able to get in some quality writing time.

That’s it for today.