So.  Last week was a little crazy and I didn’t post much.  Need to make up for that this week and get back up on the wagon, so to speak.

Last week was all about a tradeshow that I was preparing for at work.  Had a lot of stuff pop up at the last minute that had to be taken care of, and then following the show itself, I was just wasted and took some time to recharge.

But, today I’m back!

…didja miss me?

I wanted to talk about Dollhouse and Terminator.  Spoilers abound.  You’ve been warned.

So – Dollhouse is getting better.  It’s not your imagination, nor mine.  Stuff is building, plot lines are forming, twists are happening.  Friday’s episode had both Sierra and Echo being imprinted as spy catchers; each trying to figure out who had infiltrated the Dollhouse and was reporting back to the NSA.

I have to say, the whole ‘Sierra breaks into the NSA’ bit felt fake.  I was glad to learn that it really was sort of fake (a setup to plant false information), because it just seemed too easy.  I think breaking into a govt agency like that should be a helluva lot harder than it was.

The revelation that it was the head of security who was spying on them wasn’t much of a revelation, really.  I mean, he was such an ass!  He had to be up to something.  Still, the whole thing was very well written and acted and more proof that this show could go somewhere if given the chance.

On the whole ‘omg Felicia says Dollhouse is canceled‘ (click link for her twitter feed, then scroll til you see her comments about her episode not airing, which caused all sorts of panic and chaos on the net) brouhaha that happened last week, I’ll say only this: I hate math.

Which reminds me – for some reason I’m not getting Felicia’s Twitter updates, and that’s annoying. (just removed and then readded her and suddenly, she’s there – yay!)

Anyway, onto Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  I am really loving this show.  I think it’ll be a damned shame if it doesn’t come back for another season.

I think this season stalled a bit on the whole ‘Sarah’s goin nutso’ storyline that lasted for several episodes, but the ones following those were excellent!  …right up til the season finale, ‘Born to Run’.

All I can is, Bwuh?

Seriously?  This is how you end the season?  John follows a liquid Terminator into the future to find Cameron’s chip?  Without hesitating?  And Sarah lets him go?!  WTF?

It made no sense for those characters!  Sarah would not let John run off with a Terminator that way!!

So, decent season, couple of slow spots, building to a nice end and then flattening out.  Bleh.  Make more better plz.

As an interesting side note, I was listening to Slice of SciFi’s podcast over the weekend, and they mentioned that, on ‘House’, the main character actually jumped his motorcycle over a tiny plastic shark.  If this is true, that is the coolest thing I have ever heard.  Ever.