Took a couple of days off from the blog while the DNS reset (I gave it a dedicated IP address), but I’m back now and ready to get back into stuff, so here I go:

Does Dollhouse suck?

As I’m getting caught up on podcasts (Slice of SciFi, Geeks On for example), everybody seems to be talking about Dollhouse, Sarah Connor and the finale of Battlestar.  I’ve got thoughts on all three, and I’ve already spoken a bit about all three, but I had a new thought about Dollhouse that I hadn’t considered before and I want to share.

Everyone should remember a little show that Joss did a few years ago, it was called Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Critically acclaimed show, tons of fans, books, comics, two networks and spawned a spin off that had its own acclaim and fan base.  Ring a bell?

molochBut here’s the thing – and I might actually piss some fans off by saying this, but, the first season of Buffy?  It wasn’t great (Computer virus demon ring a bell? See the photo…).  I’d go so far as to say it sucked.  I’ve tried to turn people onto the show in the past and I always preface it by saying, “Check out the first season, but take it with a grain of salt because it’s bad.  Season two is where it really gets good.”

I know it’s not ‘normal’ for a first season to suck (Heroes, Lost), but I’d argue that Joss has had slow starts in the past, so maybe that’s what’s ‘wrong’ with Dollhouse (if you’re of the opinion that there is something wrong with it) – it’s still trying to get going.

I’ve been watching it from the start and I believe it’s getting better.  Last nights episode (spoiler alert!) with the central Actives we’ve been watching (Echo, Victor, Sierra, November) actually waking up and breaking out was a much better episode versus what’s come before it, and last weeks episode was better than the one before that, and so on – which means there is hope for the show as the actors and writers get into the groove and find the sweet zone.

Will the network give us and them the chance for that to happen, for the show to grow into the kind of second season that Buffy enjoyed?  That’s the big question on a lot of peoples minds.  And we probably won’t know until we know.  Given the massive vacuum of SciFi and Fantasy out there in television land, and the singularity left to be filled by the finale of Battlestar, I really hope that they do give it a chance, because there’s precious little out there to fill the void.