Thought I’d do a quick review of SciFi on TV from this last week – at least, the stuff that I actually watch. Maybe throw a little Fantasy in as well. Spoilers abound so don’t read if you intend to watch.

First off, The Big Bang Theory – what?! This is SciFi?! Well, no – but it’s still amusing, and this past week they had Summer Glau (Firefly/Serenity, Sarah Conner) as a guest star and the nerd boys were drooling all over her. Trapped on a train, she had to put up with both Raj and Wolowitz hitting on her incessantly. “Can I take a photo of us together for my Facebook page?” Wolowitz asks. “Sure,” she replies. *he takes the photo with his phone* “Can I take another that looks like we’re making out?”

On another not so SciFi and yet is worthy of a mention note – Captain Malcom Reynolds returned to tv screens this week in Castle. As the title character, Nathan Fillion plays an author bored with his most successful character, so he kills him off. With nothing new on the horizon, he gets sucked into a homicide investigation and a string of murders based on scenes from his books. He finds himself enamored with a tough detective, Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) and decides that she’s going to be his new heroine. This is a much better show for Fillion, who’s sense of humor and wit comes through. Well worth a watch.

Heroes – The Puppet Master is back and he needs Claire’s help to disappear cuz the Agents are on his trail. Parkman has a bomb strapped to his body and has been dumped in D.C. to do some damage and Nathan is about to be exposed as having powers of his own. Danko is pushing things further and further and soon, something’s going to happen that no one is going to like. Meanwhile, Sylar’s ‘daddy hunt’ finds Smallville’s Lionel Luther breathing through a nose tube and welcoming death even if it’s at Sylar’s own hand. I notice little things, I can’t help it. Like Claire’s hair – it looks fake and it bugs me… This whole storyline reminds me of the Genosha stuff from X-Men, where mutants living there were the ‘property of the state’ and treated accordingly. We’ll see how this unfolds in the Heroes universe but at least we know it’s nothing new. Gosh, go figure.

Smallville – More WB soap opera drama cloaked in comic book pseudo-history as Clark reveals to Lois who and what he is. She writes a story and he becomes a hero to everyone – the ‘blue and red’ blur that’s been saving people all over Metropolis. Only, not everyone is happy. Guest star Tori Spelling (…couldn’t she just do the 90210 thing) publishes a story implicating Clark in the death of Lex Luther and says that he’s the vanguard of an alien invasion. Once his friends come in harms way because the government is now hunting him and anyone who knows anything about him, Clark uses the Legion ring he has to travel back in time and never reveal who he is in the first place. And, oh yeah – Doomsday kills Tori Spelling. Yay! …well, her character anyway.

Battlestar Galactica – holy frak!  Several flashbacks show us snippets of life in the colonies – the cynical part of my mind thought that this was done in order to prepare us for the new ‘Caprica’ spin-off or at the least, to make us wonder about it and be more curious to watch it.  Anyway.  We see Roslin losing her family, Baltar fighting with his ill and aged father and Lee meeting Starbuck for the first time at a dinner with his brother – they show us defining moments for the characters.  There was also something with Adama that didn’t really make sense – maybe it’ll be better flushed out in the next episode.  Starbuck tries to figure out what the song means, the cylons begin their examination of Hera and Baltar asks Lee for representation for his followers within the government (Lee says no).

The big moment comes when Adama sees, amongst the stripping of Galactica (she’s dying so they’re moving to the rebel Basestar and taking everything that isn’t nailed down (and some stuff that is) with them), that the memorial wall of those who’ve been lost is being stripped as well as people remove the photos to take them with them.  “These are pilots from the memorial wall,” says Hotdog.  “We wanted to take them with us, ya know, so we wouldn’t leave them behind like the others.”  This spurs Adama to realize that Hera is being left behind, and she’s a member of his crew, and she was stolen right out from under him, by Boomer, who shot him, and that pisses him the frak off because, ya know – she shot him.  Frak letting Galactica die a slow death with her crew gone off to live on some frakking basestar, oh no – he wants to take Galactica and anyone who is willing to crew her, to find the Cylon colony and rescue the child.  He calls for volunteers and they step up – next week, they attack the Cylon colony.  The one sitting on top of a black hole.  Galactica will die in battle, as she lived – oh yes.

Dollhouse – what can I say? I want to believe that it’s getting better. We’re seeing more into the Dollhouse and what makes it tick, and about the internal little political struggles that go on. the Doc (Fred from Angel only all cut up and serious looking) and the tech geek guy… I don’t know his name – does he have one? Let’s call him ‘Andrew’ because he’s mostly that same character from Buffy only smarter and computer geeky – anyway, The Doc and Andrew discover that all is not right in the Dollhouse, oh no – see, Victor, one of the ‘dolls’, he’s been havin some naught naugty thoughts and ‘man reactions’ to another Doll, which is a no no. And the head security guy wants Echo gone, so when she is sent out to infiltrate a cult and act as an unwitting spy, he denies the request to extract her before the ATF go in guns a blazin to take everyone out and seize the stockpile of guns these folks have locked up in the basement.

…as a side note, where do these tv cults get all these guns?!?! I mean – I wouldn’t know the first thing about getting one gun let alone a ‘stockpile’ of them! Are cults rich? Do they have tons of money to spend on guns and ammunition and stuff? I just don’t get it.

Anyway, the head security guy actually goes in and tried to take Echo out, but her handler rescues her at the last minute, takes her back to the Dollhouse where she’s wiped again and all is well in the universe. OR IS IT? “How is your vision, Echo?” *eyes the head security guy in a certain way* “I can see perfectly.” DUN DUN DUN?!?!

Sarah Conner – this got better this week, as we weren’t focused on Sarah Conner going nuts anymore and actually had some decent character interactions. John has to deal with Riley being ‘executed’ and dumped in the river (thanks to Derek’s GF from the future, but no one knows that yet), something everybody thinks Cameron must’ve done. Cameron says she didn’t do it, but no one believes her – not even John and he usually does believe her. Meanwhile, we get a smidgeon of back story on Derek’s GF from the future and a submarine trip she took. Unfortunately, that’s really all we get about that for now. Sarah finds out about the spare parts Cameron’s been stockpiling and she destroys em, John and Cameron deceive Rilye’s foster dad into believing she’s still alive. Over all, a decent episode, much better than what they’ve been doing the past few weeks.

Legend of the Seeker – this show, I don’t know – it’s like a Renaissance Faire, all boobs about to burst out of blouses, if you know what I mean. It kinda follows the story of Richard and Kahlan as written by Terry Goodkind, and it kinda doesn’t. One week you see something that really follows the books and the next week you’re scratching your head and wondering what they hell that was all about. This week was sort of like the latter and not the former.

Zed left Richard and Kahlan when they discovered a tracer cloud had been attached to the Box of Orden, so this weeks episode left Richard and Kahlan on their own with Chase. In search of his family, they’re looking to help him break into some keep that no one wants any part of because it’s a bad place. They soon learn that the Wizard traitor, Giller, is working some bad mojo on the prisoners there and they come up with a plan to get in, get the prisoners out and make a run for it – works too, until Chase’s wife sucks his face a little and suddenly he’s sick. Turns out, Giller’s trying to make his very own Confessor so he can take her magic and give it to Lord Rahl, who’s due to turn up at the keep that night. Richard and Kahlan see a chance to kill him and they take it – merryment ensues: Kahlan is captured, her magic doesn’t work on Giller, Lord Rahl shows up, he and Richard fight a little, Richard loses and is captured (Mord Sith help), more merryment – then Kahlan lets loose with the blood rage and saves the day. Lord Rahl escapes before Richard can kill him.

Over all, not a bad episode, but still doesn’t really feel like it has anything whatsoever to do with the books. I could be wrong, been a while since I read em, but I thought Richard and Rahl don’t even meet face to face until the end and that’s when Kahlan’s Blood Rage kicks in – when she believes that Richard is dead. Could be that way, maybe not – I honestly don’t remember at this point.