Tonight, Battlestar Galactica returns on the SciFi channel.  I think fans around the world are pretty excited – we’ve been waiting a while for the last ten episodes to end the series.

Of course, it sucks that the show is ending at all – hello people?  What happened to at least 7 years?!?!

Still, I’ve got high hopes for what they can accomplish with these final ten episodes.

To prepare you for it – just in case you’re one of those people who haven’t seen it yet, I found this primer for the show.  It’s really good.  An excerpt:

The premise may sound like derivative schlock, but thanks to its strong writing and cast, the series is both politically provocative and tremendously entertaining. Its creator, Ronald Moore, uses “Battlestar’s” universe as a funhouse mirror for American post-9/11 cultural anxieties. Since the miniseries’ initial Cylon attack — with its parallels to the events of Sept. 11 — “Battlestar” has broached topical debates about torture, military occupation, abortion, genocide, religious freedom and war crimes. It has done all this while avoiding the trap of strained allegory and partisan politics and maintaining the escapist thrill that makes science fiction, well, science fiction.

Here’s the link: Battlestar Primer

Check it out, then watch tonight…