I had to.

Tonight, I got home a little late, was making dinner and wanted something on the tv to distract me. There was nothing ‘good’ on – which means there was nothing that I particularly cared for.  I did notice that ‘Million Dollar Password’ was on and it said Shatner was a guest.  He’s always good for a laugh, so I checked it out.

Holy crap.  He was TERRIBLE!  I felt SO BAD for the poor people he got teamed with!!  He missed the easiest words!  In case you don’t know the concept, 2 people play together as a team.  One sees the ‘password’ and the other has to guess what it is based on the one word clues of the other.  Example: Mouse.  You might say ‘Cat’ and the person gueses ‘Mouse’.  Get enough of these correct and you can win.

If you’re teamed with Shatner, you aren’t going to win…  which inspired this bonus ‘Caption Fun Comic’: