I’m going to preface this by saying that I don’t drink.  Still, my mind wondered…

*Walks into the Brunswick Zone, goes up to the counter*

“Hi.  I’d like to rent a pool table.”

“Okay.  I’ll need your credit card.”

*Gets it out, start’s to hand it over* “You’ll get it back when you’re done.”

“Wait, what if I want to get something to drink?”

“Oh.  Then you better give me your I.D. instead.”

*Puts credit card back, reaches for I.D.*

“Wait.  What if I wanted something from the bar?”

“Oh.  Then I guess we use your credit card.”

“Then how would I pay for my drink at the bar?”

“. . .  I don’t know.”

“What’s the protocol for this situation?”

“Do you have more than 1 credit card?”


“Do you have cash?”


“I’ll have to get a manager…”

“Tell you what, I won’t be drinking tonight, so here’s my I.D.”

*looks relieved*  “Oh, okay.  Good.  Yeah.  That works… Here you go…”