I have been playing Wrath for a couple days now, and I have to admit – Blizzard has done some pretty nifty things.

Some examples come from the Death Knight starting area and quests.  

The Eye.  The Eye quest lets you take a giant floating eye for a ride down to spy on the Scarlets.  Your whole UI changes – it is really, really cool.

The next surprise for me was when you get to steal a horse.  Again, the UI changes – it surprised me and was a lot of fun.

Next, the cannons on the ship.  You get a quest to sneak behind enemy lines, board a ship and turn their own cannons against the Scarlets.  OMFG – the fun!  It reminded me of the first time I did the bombing quests in Outland.  SO FUN!

But none of that prepared me for the best surprise.  Normally, starting areas remain just that – starting areas.  You do your quests and move on, other people come on and do the same quests – the area remains the same.  Not so for Death Knights.  I completed the first quests and found that, for me, the starting area had changed!  Now, the Death Knights hold it – so I see a battered area, full of Ghouls and Plaguehounds.  Holy crap, it’s COOL!

This way of creating a logical progression – how the quests are about conquering the land and then you actually see it conquered instead of having to pretend – that is just simply amazing.

Well done, Blizzard.  Well done.