Wow.  What an event – it was Huge.  And so many people!

I started my day later than I planned due to the night before.  I was to meet Hukari as I had his pass and he couldn’t get in without me.  Only, I couldn’t find him.

Candice found me almost immediately, and together we sought out Hukari and gave him his pass.  Here’s a shot of the elusive Hukari:

Once inside, I was blown away by the sheer size of the place – they had two major halls setup with areas for gaming, vendors, food, stores, art, more games, statues, a giant ice throne – you name it, they had it.

I went to a couple of panels with Hukari while Candice and Brent were inline for the store with some other people.  I didn’t understand why they were inline, but later found out that there was some fear that the Blizzcon store might sell out of certain things, which has apparently happened in the past (and did happen, I found out the next day as people tried to get stuff that was gone).  After I’d wandered around by myself for a bit, and got some lunch, I jumped into that line as I had my eyes on several things that I wanted to pick up.

I ended up being in that line for 5 and 1/2 hours! O.o!

Boy, I was wishing they had the Disney Fast Pass >.>

After that, well, more accurately -during- that, they started the contests up on the main stage area.  I watched from my spot in line as the one liners, movie and music contests went down.  Then they had the costume contest, which was just amazing.  Here’s a link to the photo galleries on  I got out of line and met up with The Monkey’s again, which was heaven because it meant I could sit down again.  We watched the rest of the show, including the dance contest, which Andy took part in – female Gnome dance ftw!

Here are some photos from the day – it was dark, and my camera wasn’t doing so well, but I tried:

In the sixth photo above, you can see a blurry banner – it reads, “Retro Arcade”.  Oh.  My.  God.  Blizzard went online and purchased a bunch of old game systems and had classic games running.  Like: The Lost Vikings!!!  I remember that game!  It was so much fun!  I picked up the controller and it was like I was a kid again.  Something similar to this comic from Penny Arcade.

Blizzcon Day One was long and followed with dinner at Dennys and more party fun, then back to the hotel room for foot soakings and sleep.

Tomorrow: Blizzcon Day Two