Day Two dawned slowly…

I really didn’t want to wake up early, and yet, I did.  We had plans.  Plans of planned things.  Plans of things to do and be done.  So, I woke up, showered and shaved and headed out for the day.


After breakfast, Disneyland!  I admit, I failed at taking photos on this vacation.  I took a few here and there, but nowhere near as many as I have in, say, Rocky Mountain National Park.  Here’s some good ones:

Candice and Brent (Xynth and Trogbob shown in the first photo), were kind enough to play tour guide for me and take me through the ‘new and improved’ Disneyland.  I say ‘new and improved’ because they’ve changed some stuff: specifically cool is the fast pass.  You can get a fast pass every so often that allows you to cut in line on certain rides.  So, if a ride has a one hour line, you can get a fast pass, come back between a certain time and cut right up to the front.  It’s pretty slick.

In no particular order, we rode: The Submarine ride, Space Mountain, the old railroad roller coaster whose name escapes me, Pirates of the Caribbean, the ‘Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Xmas’ version of the Haunted Mansion, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, Star Tours & The Indiana Jones Ride.  Lunch was had in tomorrow land.  In the California Adventure, we rode one ride: Monster’s Inc.

Then I got a call from Sharra and Andy, who were in town and wanting to meet for dinner.  I made plans to meet them in a couple of hours.

We left the amusement parks and headed to the convention center, which was on our way back to our respective hotels.  We had the thought that we’d pick up our passes and goodie bags.  We were walking along when Brent decided that he was tired of the heat and opened a door to the convention center.  We followed him inside, past a security guard and up to the check in areas which were broken up alphabetically.  I lost Brent and Candice, but got my stuff.  I headed back the way we came in and ran into Shara and Andy, who were excited to see me and asked how long it took to get my stuff.

“About ten minutes,” I replied, then headed to my room for a shower.

Little did I know – we snuck in!  We totally bypassed a line that was wrapped around the OTHER side of the convention center!!

>.<  D’oh!

Anyway, after they were done with the line *cough*, Sharra and Andy met me for dinner:

Following dinner, we met up with the Monkeys once again for some partyness:

There were a few more people behind me, I didn’t get them in the photo – dangit.  People like Pazo.  Ah well.

It was very late when I left that party and made my way back to my trick hotel room door.  I was tired, I was sore, hot, miserable – my feet weren’t doing so well in those shoes, but I realized that I hadn’t even so much as peaked in my goodie bag yet.  SO, I decided to take a look.

Talk about a haul!  My god – there was a ton of stuff in that bag!  Here’s the short list: Warcraft Comic, Inflatable Bubble Hearth, Trading Card Game, Forsaken Mask, Mousepad, Figureprints Horde Necklace, Starcraft mini game & Warcraft Postcard.  There’s more, it’s just too much to list.

After I checked all of that out, I filled the tub with hot water to soak my aching feet, and eventually made it to bed and some sleep.

Tomorrow: Blizzcon.