Okay, now that I’ve settled in, I want to talk about my vacation.  It’s going to be in multiple parts as I think this is the only way to do it without an endless rant of paragraphs.

Day one was all about traveling.

Woke up not so early – it was nice to sleep in.  I like sleeping in.  Sleeping in is good.  Showered, shaved – all that bit, then finished up packing up my bag and headed off to get a little something to eat and then to the airport.  I was leaving my car in long term parking as there was no one to take me or pick me up when I got back – timing was just bad on that.

Oh well.

I’d already checked in the day before, so I didn’t have to worry about that – did want to check my bag though.  I admit, for a couple of years I was the power traveler.  I never checked my bags – everything was a carry on.  But with all the new security stuff, it just isn’t worth the hassle anymore, so I checked my suitcase and carried on my backpack.  Went smooth as silk and I was soon kicked back in the boarding area with good book and some tunes on my iPhone (those shoes ended up being my bane).

I flew Southwest.  You just can’t beat them for price and convenience – I mean, they fly everywhere (or so it seems) for $100 or less.  Luckily for me, I was in the first boarding group – this is ultra convenient as they are a ‘first come, first serve’ airline when it comes to seating.

Little did I know that the flight wasn’t full, so it really didn’t matter.  I ended up having the whole row to myself, which was comfy.

I snapped a few shots once they said I could:

I thought they were cool.  🙂

Once I got to LAX, I went round and round the airport in the Super Shuttle while the driver tried to pick up more people – I have a post about that, so I won’t repeat myself here.

Here’s a picture though:

I -think- that’s the old terminal thingie and they’re restoring/renovating it or some such.  We passed it several times.

Got to the hotel around 5:45 and had fun with the trick door.  I couldn’t get it to work.  I had to go get someone to open it for me.  There was a trick to it.  I eventually learned the trick, but it was still a pain in the butt.

Once settled and, as I knew none of my friends would be arriving til much later, I ordered myself a pizza and a six-pack of Mt Dew (which covered me in the caffeine area for the rest of the week) and chilled out.  I tried to blog from my room, but the internet was unreliable at best, and my iPhone coverage was extremely disappointing (I had to stand in one spot, near the refrigerator, to get a signal – not even the balcony by the front door got service -.-).

Around 11, I heard from some friends and made plans for breakfast.  It was an hour later for me, so I made sure my alarm was set and went to sleep.

Day Two tomorrow.