So.  Yesterday was my birthday.

I received three cards, some money and three free meals.

Friday, my friend Quinn bought me lunch at a favorite haunt of mine: Hacienda Colorado.  Friday night, I bought myself a couple of DVD’s and the Diablo Warchest.  I also went to dinner with my mom, who took me to The Traildust Steak House.  The food was really good, the atmosphere fun but loud – they had a live band playing.  It was also a bit spendy, but it -was- a steak house, so I suppose that’s to be expected.

Saturday, my actual bday, was spent writing, creating and gaming.  I ended Saturday on a high, yet strange note – I found some James Bond films on the Comcast, HD OnDemand menu.  I clicked on and watched, “Diamonds are Forever” and, though I’ve seen it tons of times, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sunday I met my aunt, uncle and cousin for lunch at a little place up in Wheat Ridge.  The name escapes me.  I had some pasta – it was good and so was the company. 🙂