(this never posted when I was actually riding around in the shuttle, so I’m gonna go ahead and put it up today.  I’ll post much, much more about the Blizzcon trip this week as time permits)

So.  I know there are lots of horror stories about people getting into car accidents because they were texting or talking on their phones, but I’ve never been particularly worried about it til now.

Driving in and around LAX seems difficult enough, but when your driver is leaned over the console with his phone in hand and constantly texting someone, even I start to worry.

From what I can tell, the shuttle busses and the people selling rides on them who stand by baggage claim, stay in touch via text.

Clever, but scary for the passenger, which is me today.

Plus, round and round the airport looking for fares with me sitting in the back of the bus/van isn’t helping.  In fact, it’s made me carsick for the first time in a really long freaking time.




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