One week til Blizzcon.

I’m starting to get excited!

Believe it or not, for me, it’s more about getting away and seeing friends than it is about going to a video gaming convention.  WoW has made me a lot of good friends and hanging out with them is going to be fun.

It’s been a while since I’ve flown anywhere – a little over a year, actually. That was a Denver/Chicago trip to meet up with family and head down to Kentucky for my grandmother’s funeral.  This time, I’m heading into LAX – one of the busiest airports in the nation – not that Midway isn’t busy.  It’s just that I’ve been to Midway a lot and can find my way around without much incident.  LAX – I’ve been there once.

I remember it well.  It was huge, of course.  This was pre-9/11 and there were a lot of college students running around the place.  They were doing some sort of social study.  Basically, they had someone come up and ask you a bunch of questions – take a survey.  The survey itself didn’t matter much to them – they were gauging responses to the people themselves.  They had a cute girl and a not so cute girl, a handsome guy and a not so handsome guy – and they were seeing which of these people were better received by the interviewees.

I never found out what their findings were.

LAX was what I exptected LAX to be.  Saw my first Hare Krishnas there.  Yes, they were dressed like monks from an old episode of Kung Fu, had their heads shaved, those large beads wrapped around them.  They were singing and dancing and doing their thing.

This time around, I won’t be sitting there waiting for a plane to Sacramento – it’ll be a straight shot to the waiting shuttles and onto my hotel (hopefully).

The days after that will probably be a blur what with Disney, the actual convention, hanging out, buying stuff, eating, sleeping and whatnot all.

I’m taking stuff that would probably allow me to blog from there if I have the time – we’ll see how that goes.

For now, exciting!