So.  I got an iPhone.

My old Sprint phone had been broken for a while.  I really needed something new but, of course, Sprint would give me nothing.  I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade.  And, let’s be honest – even when you ae ‘eiligible for an upgrade’, that really only means they’re going to give you a discount on an already overpriced piece of crap phone and that’s only if you sign up for another 2 years.

My experiences with Sprint haven’t been the best.  The only reason I had them in the first place was because an employer got me one of the first PDA phones when they came out.  I only stayed with them because it was easier than going somewhere else.

When the first generation iPhones came out, I really wanted to get one but I decided to wait for them to work out some of the bugs.  Hence the 3g iPhone was born.  I also waited for the fervor to die down a bit before going for it.

I had one of the worse experiences, I think.  It was months after the laungh and they had problems activating the phone – it ended up taking 2 hours.  This was at an AT&T store.  I won’t say it was a total impulse buy, I mean, I’d been thinking about getting one for a while.  It just so happened that I decided the same day that I was going to get new glasses, and the AT&T was next door to the eye glasses place.  It ended up taking about 2 hours, which gave me time to start the process, then head over to the eye glasses place while I waited for account activation.

Even when I returned, they were still having problems and said just to go home and let them know if it hadn’t activated by 9 am the next morning (it ended up activating around 10 pm that night).  They blamed Apple for the delay, which I found interesting.  “It’s the iTunes store,” the sales guy said.  “The activation is hit or miss with them.”

As for Sprint, I had to call and get my account number, which I didn’t have with me.  They gave it to me but they weren’t happy about it.

I fully expected to get some sort of final bill from them, something saying, “You suck for cancelling your service.  Pay up.”  After a couple weeks, I wondered if I’d ever get anything from them.  Then I got a COLLECTIONS LETTER.


No final bill – just a threatening letter to pay up cuz I’d been turned over to collections.  What a load of crap!

Sprint Sucks.