7:23. My next impression: Senator Obama was doing really well until he reacted to Senator McCains comments on taxes. At that point, he seemed turn stumble a little.

7:26. Senator McCain appears very stiff to me. Like he is uncomfortable, this isn’t anything new though-I think he always looks stiff.

7:30. On direct questions, both do really well.

7:31. I think Jim Lehrer is doing a fantastic job. He’s keeping them on topic and calling them when they don’t answer the questions.

7:34. I keep getting distracted by McCains robotic body language. Senator Obama is much more loose. I think Senator McCains voice and message gets lost because he comes off so stiff. Senator Obama still stumbles over his improv statements but not as badly as he has in the past.

7:37. Senator Obama keeps calling McCain by different names.

7:44. It’s REALLY bothering me that Senator McCain doesn’t LOOK at Senator Obama when he is looking at him and attempting to engage him or answer something said to him.

7:50. War is war. It is a necessary evil of our times. The far left will never support the concept that there are times when war is the only moral choice.

7:55 I’d rather watch Stargate:Atlantis… Oh, hey, look what time it is…