New Glasses


The thing about new glasses is that you have to get used to them, which sucks.

In case I didn’t mention, I broke my glasses recently and was forced to get a new pair.  That was a little mini adventure involving 2 for $99 and an eye exam.

I understand, really, I do – the idea that people need to take care of themselves and that included getting eye exams.  It’s just annoying that different states have different laws governing when your prescription expires.  In Colorado, I believe it’s 18 months.  Which is about right because your glasses are usually pretty well beaten up after 18 months.  Still, it’s annoying to be told that you have to have an eye exam.  Kinda takes away free will.

Anyway, I get the eye exam and I order the glasses from a 2 for $99 place where the total price ends up being over $200 because there’s always some fine print somewhere that you don’t see.  Oh well.

Went back to pick up said glasses and they’d screwed up the lenses, so I had to wait an additional day.  This means that yesterday was the first day I actually wore the new specs all day.

Man, my eyes were so tired.  I don’t know if that’s the lenses or the ‘slight change’ in my prescription – which also cheezes me off a little – every single time, “Your prescription has only changed a little.”  A little?  A little good?  A little bad?  Why are you leaving the room after telling me that?  Hey?!  Hey, you!  Doc?

Grumble.  Mumble.

So, it’s all about getting used to the new glasses.

We’ll see how it goes I guess.