Battlestar Galactica

Your colony worlds have been destroyed or devastated by nuclear attack.

Your military has been eliminated by an enemy that can simply turn off your ships and pick them off one by one while they float, harmlessly, through space.

You have exactly 50,000 survivors left and one very old Battlestar to protect them from two enemy Base Star’s hanging around outside to blow you all to hell.

What do you do?

If you’re Adama, you position your tough old ass between the fleet and the Cylons and have one helluva space battle.

How do you know when they get somethng right?  When it -feels- right.  This battle feels right.  This is how war would be fought in space.  It’s intense.  It’s methodical.  It just makes sense and as you are watching it, you are on the edge of your seat.

“What’dya hear?”

“Nothing but the rain.”

“Then grab your gun and bring the cat in.”