The Touch Free Car Wash


I wish I’d invented this. I mean, it’s a fantastic scam and has to be hugely profitable.

The concept: pull your car into a car wash where water and soap is sprayed at it. No ‘harsh and abrasive’ thingies whipping around, scrubbing that dirt away – oh no, this is all water. And because it’s just water and soap, it doesn’t hurt your car like those nasty old scrubbers do.

What a scam!

Okay – do me a favor. For the next week, whenever you take a shower – don’t touch your body. Just let the water wash over you, then spray yourself with some liquid soap and rinse. Don’t use a washcloth, or one of those liquid soap scrubber thingies – just let the soap and water wash over you.

That’s it – don’t do anything else. After a week of that, see if you feel clean. I’m betting that you won’t. It’s the same with your car.

I’ve gone through the touchless car wash before and when you come out the other side, your windows are still dirty, your hood still has that bird crap on it – in short, IT ISN’T CLEAN! I have waited in line for the thouchless car wash and watched the people coming out the other side pull around to the gas pump so they can grab the squeegee and ‘touch up’ their windows! AND WE PAY FOR THIS!

Like I said, I wish I’d thought of it. Selling millions of people something that doesn’t work and no one seems to care that it doesn’t work and are still willing to pay the price.

Reminds me of Windows.


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