Murloc PlushieIf you like the World of Warcraft, you probably hate Murlocs. I mean, they gang up on you, they run away when you’re trying to kill one and come back with a couple more in tow. All of em say something like, “Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle!”

But, you know you LOVE to do your own impression of em.

And, the virtual babies that were handed out at Blizzcon melted many a cold heart.

Now, you can own your own little Murloc. is going to be selling them starting Sept. 30th.  They don’t give a lot of details except to say that they will speak and it will cost Americans around $50 to get one of the little devils.

Still, if you’re into Warcraft and you like Murlocs, this is probably the perfect Christmas present for you…