Batman Gotham Knight

Well. What can I say about this other than it is unbelievable! I picked it up tonight on the way home from work and manoman – this kicks ass!

This is probably the best animated Batman since Batman: The Animated Series debuted back in the day. That was 1992, to be specific.

Batman Gotham Knight Screenshot 1

This is Batman at his finest. Tortured, haunted by his parents death, driven to fix things and, most of all, an absolute bad ass.

Batman Gotham Knight Screenshot 2

The premise here was to present a Batman story in six parts – each written by a different author and brought to life by a different Japanese animation master. From the official Batman: Gotham Knight website:

“Six standalone chapters, each with stylish art from some of Japan’s greatest anime visionaries, weave together into a larger story that follows Batman through his transition from beginner to The Dark Knight.”

Batman Gotham Knight Screenshot 3

The stories are superb and the animation simply amazing. I love this DVD. It’s available in three sets, a single disc, a two disc special and Blue-ray – whichever your preferred format, I highly recommend you pick one up.


Batman Gotham Knight Screenshot 4