It seems strange to me that anyone would still have a phone in their house.

Years ago, a friend of mine said something about how all he really needs is his cell phone and a bell sort of went off in my head.  He really was right.  I mean, I had two bills that I was paying; one to the local phone company and the other to my cell provider at the time, AT&T.

It seemed silly.

So I ditched my home phone and I’ve never looked back.

Still, I wonder why anyone would still maintain a home phone if they have a cell.  I can’t remember the last time someone gave me a number and said, “Oh – that’s my home.”.  It’s always, “Here’s my cell – that’s the best way to contact me.”

Now, I’m not talking about businesses – I understand why a business, especially a large one with multiple lines in and out, tons of extensions and stuff, would need to have an actual phone on your desk blinking at you each and every morning.  But why would anyone who has a cell still have a home phone?  Heck – why wouldn’t they just get rid of it and save that money each month?

I mean, we always have our cells on us these days.  We don’t leave home without them.  Heck, I’ve seen people on bicycles with their bluetooth headset on so they don’t even bike without their cell.

So why do people hang on to such outdated technology?

I think a clever cell provider, a truly innovative and ambitious provider, could make a killing if they came up with a ‘home phone killer’.  All it would take is an easily accessible cell with a fantastic price – and I’m not talking about the plans that are out there right now.  For the hold outs still anchored to their 2-line home phones, it’s going to take something a helluva lot better than $29, $49, $99 BS.

How about a $100 phone that will last you three years before you even have to think about changing it for something else and bundle it with a $30 plan that nets you a thousand anytime minutes a month and nights and weekends for free.  I can already hear the cell providers crying out that they will go bankrupt at such prices – sorry boyos, not if you do this right.  Offer it at $30 to anyone canceling their home service and you’ll be hiring people just to keep up with all the orders.

In one fail swoop, a cellular revolution will take the nation by storm.

Think of how nice it would be with no telephone lines in the skyline…