Haven’t done this in a bit, so I decided that today was the day!  I encourage you to click the links and read the stories from the sites that publish em.

News from around (That you may not have seen):

This first one should be titled: “Necromancy doesn’t pay as well as it used to.”

Reuters is reporting that a man in Moscow actually convinced people that he could raise the dead AND got them to pay him for his services.  In a related story, there were no dead waking the streets of Moscow…

“MOSCOW (Reuters) – A Moscow court convicted a man of fraud on Monday for preying on people mourning loved ones by saying he could resurrect the dead.

…In one case from 2003 a man paid Grabovoy 39,500 roubles ($1,700) to attempt to cure his dying parents and in another case a woman paid him 118,000 roubles to try to resurrect her two dead sons. “

Full story can be seen on

OKAY THEN, onto story #2.

A guy sent in to take stuff from the former home of J.R.R. Tolkien found some stuff he intends to sell.  Like the fireplace.  And a postcard addressed to Mr. Tolkien himself.

I think the real story here is the fact that they are BULLDOZING Tolkien’s house!  I mean, wtf?!  Shouldn’t that be some sort of historical site or something?

“LONDON (Reuters) – A demolition man stripping a fireplace from the former home of “The Lord of the Rings” author J.R.R. Tolkien stumbled across a postcard to the writer dated 1968, and hopes to sell it for a small fortune.

“One of the main features was a fireplace, and upon removing that we came across three postcards. The third one was a postcard dated 1968 and addressed to J.R.R. Tolkien.”

Malton said research on the Internet suggested that the carved wooden fireplace with marble inlay, a feature of the house when Tolkien lived there from 1968 to 1972, was already worth up to $250,000.

“To tie in both the fireplace and the postcard, we are talking about a price of around $500,000 for the combined pair,” the 42-year-old told Reuters by telephone.”

The full story also can be seen at

There seems to be a lot of DNS mischief going on in the world these days.

Here’s a story about someone hacking Photobucket’s DNS and redirecting people to a different website.

Here’s another one about ICANN’s DNS also being hacked and redirected.

Seems to be a plague, an epidemic even.  Strange stuff.

Well, that’s it for now.  Onto the next distraction…