Today we identify the Colorado Guy

The Colorado Guy has lived here at least 10 to 15 years and is easy to spot – they’ve acclimated to the laid back Colorado atmosphere and, they all wear the same damn clothes.

First off is The Shirt:

the colorado guy shirt

This shirt comes in many different colors ranging from tan, blue and tan. Sometimes it’s green.  Sometimes it has an island pattern on it, palm trees, flowers – that sort of thing.

It’s a button down shirt with a collar, so it could be formal or for business meetings and you will see it both tucked in and out but never buttoned all the way up. Normally, this shirt is purchased from an outdoorsy store but can also be purchased from Banana Republic.

Next – The Shorts:

the colorado guy shorts

Usually the shorts are lose fitting and light, come in different colors and may, just may, be secured with a belt. Occasionally you will see cargo shorts but those guys are truly professional Coloradoans.  They’ll fix stuff for you.

The Shoes:

There are several variety of shoes you will see on the Colorado Guy. The first one is:

the colorado guy sandals

The Birkenstock is WILDLY popular with the laid back Colorado Guy. You can see them wearing them even in the snow!

The seconds style you will see on the feet of the Colorado Guy is:

the colorado guy sandals part 2

That’s right – it’s your semi-basic flip-flop!  They come in all colors and sizes and can also be worn in the snow.

Typical Colorado Guy Quote: “I know it’s 10 degrees and snowing, but it’ll be warm in an hour…”