A funny thing happened on the way to the outhouse


Went to the Rocky Mountain National Park over the weekend – had a blast. (photos forthcoming after I sort through them)

Took my mom, who’s never been.  Heck – I’ve never been either!  I’ve been to Estes Park before, but it was late and we never actually made it any farther.

Anyway – a funny thing happened (well – more than one but STAY FOCUSED!). 

There was this rather nice looking young couple who asked me if I’d take their photo for them – which I did.  Nice camera too.  I next saw them at one of the little pull-off’s where you can park, take more photos and, most importantly – use the facilities.

Now, the facilities aren’t what most people are used to – especially if they’ve grown up in the city.  For my part, I was impressed that they were clean and didn’t stink, no flies – typical stuff you see at ‘rustic’ rest areas.  The female half of the nice couple, however, was not imporessed at all.

She was approaching the facilities and gave her honey a little peck, walked in and walked right back out again saying, "I don’t have to go that bad."

From a guys perspective – they were great!  Basically a toilet over a giant hole in the ground – which gives us something to aim for.  From a gals perspective, what with having to sit down over a giant gaping black hole that disappeared into nothingness, I can see where she didn’t want to give it a try…

It really amused me though…